Please see to this site to be advised about the conditions related to the borrowing of our Sami artworks. Attached here are some guidelines taken from our out-loan contract. If you intend on using your in-loan contract please contact us.


The object(s) borrowed from the RDM-Sámi Dáiddamágasiidna-Sami Art Magazine (SDM) is exclusively used for the purpose specified in the contract. The object(s) will in the entirety of the lending period at all times be at the place agreed, unless the lender has granted permission in writing. Duration: Total lending time for short-term lending is less than 1 year. For long-term lending, the lending period is 1 to 3 years. Application for extension of the loan period, decided by the director of the museum and the RDM-SDM, and confirmed in writing. If the lender receives borrowed items for own exhibitions during the loan period, items may be exchanged. The agreement can be terminated by both parties with three month’s notice (longterm) and 1 month notice (short-term.


All expenses are paid by the borrower. This may include transportation, transport fees, box lending, insurance and use of courier. The borrower is obliged to pay an administration fee of NOK 1250,- each working day employees at the Sami Dáidda Magasiidna work with condition assessments and packing of the artworks. There is also a fixed fee of NOK 1250,- to cover the expenses related to the unpacking and condition assessments done upon the return of the artworks. Administration fees will not exceed NOK 6500,- per contract. Institutions subject to the Sami Parliament are not inclined to pay the administration fees. An invoice is sent upon the return of the artworks to the borrower.


Transportation to and from the borrowing institution is arranged by the borrower. Upon receiving the objects, a responsible person from the borrower must be present and monitor the unpacking of the objects. The same person is obliged to ensure that packaging and packing methods are by a minimum done at the same standard when returning the loaned object(s). The agreement further specifies: Use of freight forwarder / transport agency, itineraries, overnight stays, use of airplanes / car / train / ferries, security for overnight stays and trans-shipments, security, organization is to be specified. For international lending, the carrier / freight forwarding company is responsible for all customs clearance. Customs clearance must be provided in such a way that the packaging cannot be opened until the object(s) arrive at the recipient.


The object(s) must be insured on full terms (Against all damages and losses) during transport to / from the destination and throughout the stay at the borrower’s expenses. When shipping abroad, a copy of the insurance agreement must be sent to RDM-SDM at least one week before transportation is to take place. In certain cases, RDM-SDM may wish to insure artworks through its own connections, at the borrower’s expense. The insurance terms will include the museum clause (the object(s) remain the lender’s property even if the lender receives full compensation for the damage / loss of the object).

Safety requirements, climate and lighting:

The object(s) must be kept secured during transportation, storage and exhibition. The object(s) will not be handled by unauthorized persons. We have certain expectations to be sought for by the borrower, including: requirements for the building, organization, control, supervision, guards, fire and theft alarms, extinguishing possibilities, use of booths, camcorders, police and fire service transportation agreements. An agreement on climate and light is designed (possibly in its own attachment) in relation to the current exhibition, with requirements for climate with values, (relative humidity, temperature) and accepted variations, climate registration, lighting requirements, both lux and UV values, control of light, requirements for material use in exhibition. The borrower is responsible for the object storage and display according to specifications in the condition report.

The borrower makes sure that the object(s) is not subject to conservation or other type (not disassembled, cleaned, washed, brushed, copied, etc.) without the written permission of RDM-SDM. Any loss or damage must be notified immediately to RDM-SDM.