Welcome to our museum!

Kokelv sea sámi museum consist of a genuine sea sámi farm, with a house, barn and outhouse, and has a view of the beach where we have a new big boathouse and one third of an old boathouse. This is where we keep our boat collection.

Nillagården, hvitt bolighus, rød fjøs og uthus. I bakgrunnen en annen gård, en rekke røde naust og fjord og fjell. Fint vær

We’re open!
Our museum is open from Juni 14th-August 14th, and we welcome guests tuesday-sunday, 11am-5pm
Address: Kokelvveien 55, 9715 Kokelv

Ticket prices:
Adults: NOK 50
Children under 15 years old: Free
Groups over 10 persons:  NOK 40 per person

Dronebilde over kokelv, man ser bebyggelsen, og museet nederst til venstre. sommerbilde, sol, fjord, fjæra

Only open during the summer season
Our museum has normal opening hours only in the summer season, from the middle of june til mid august. It is still possible to visit the museum ourside the summer season, but you have to contact the museum leader beforehand.

We are on Instagram!
Check us out on Instragram here, where we post museum objects, pictures from the museum, and interesting projects!

Watch this drone video of Kokelv and our museum from the air: