Community museum for three cultural tribes, in the heart of Porsanger municipality!

The origin of the Porsanger Museum was when “The Porsanger History Association” started collecting artifacts in 1969. In 1994, the first museum plan was available, and in 1998 was “The Skoganvarre Museum” established as a local museum owned by The Porsanger municipality.
Porsanger is a three cultural area, so the Porsanger Museum represents and displays Sami-, Kven- and Norwegian people cultural history, as well as the war history from World War II. The war exhibition “Traces of war” which were at the Skoganvarre Museum is now closed.

The Porsanger Museum has headquarter in the center of Lakselv. Exhibitions, documentaries and projects are shown regularly in our exhibition hall. Our main purpose is to store, preserve and display cultural objects for the children and young people of the future. The museum takes an active part in the local community and its history and collaborates with other institutions in the municipality.

Opening hours 2022: updated opening hours on our Facebook page:


Entrance ticket:

Free museum visit for the locals in Porsanger

Entrance ticket for other visitors: NOK 60
Children under 15 years: Free
Groups for maximum 10 people: NOK 50 per person. Contact Siv Marit E. Turi, Cellphone: 408 58 770 or mailto: