Sámi Dáiddamagasiidna – Sami Art Collections

Tel +47 408 59 401 / 784 69 950
E-mail: post@rdm.no
Address: Postboks 143 N-9735 Kárášjohka/Karasjok
Visiting adresse: Jeagilvármáđii 54, (Earlier military facility)
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RiddoDuottarMuseat is responsible for the safekeeping and management of a vast Sami art collection, which consist of handicrafts and contemporary art (around 1300).
Artworks are regularly exhibited at the Sami Parliament building, and the Sami Museum, both in Karasjok. At times, exhibits are also to be seen at the Lakselv Art-Arena and at Guovdageainnu gilišillju/Kautokeino Museum, which mainly has old Sami farmstead buildings. Sami art is also regularly shown on tour mainly inland, but also abroad at collaborating art galleries.
The collection receives yearly additions, through a committee which is hired on a two-year interval by the Sami Parliament. The committee is tasked with the responsibility of finding new additions to the collection with purchases mainly done through official art-exhibits. Committee members are chosen by the Sámiid Dáiddačehpiidsearvi/The Sami Art Council.
Pål Omholt-Jensen
+47 408 59 401
Maaike Halbertsma
Collection Manager