About the museum

The museum lies by the riverside in the sentrum of Kautokeino. The museum area is a cultivated land from the beginning of the 18th century and was used as a school area from 1883 to 1959.
The museum building was opened in 1987. The exhibition area was decorated by the sami artist Trygve Lund Guttormsen

Open-air museum

A reconstructed settlement from Kautokeino as it was from about 100 years ago. Many of the buildings are protected and there are some models of turf huts, constructions from the reindeerhusbandry and outlying settlements.

The museums building

The basic exhibition contains of lokal sami objects:

  • «Church-hut 1650» – reconstrukted and exhibited inndors. Build by logs – with pine that then grew locally. Is the oldest standing building in Finnmark. The hut was built by the Swedish Crown, King Carl IX, on the same area where the museum now stands.
  • Source font exhibition
  • Fishingtools – used in the traditional inland fishing.
  • Models made by Lars Jacobsen Hætta