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RDM is a foundation comprising four Sámi museums in Western Finnmark:
  • Sámiid Vuorká-Dávvirat / De Samiske Samlinger (The Sámi Museum in Karasjok)
  • Guovdageainnu gilišillju (Kautokeino Community Museum)
  • Porsáŋggu Musea (Porsanger Museum in Porsanger municipality)
  • Jáhkovuona mearrasámi musea (Kokelv Coastal Sámi Museum) in Kvalsund municipality

RDM - Sámiid Vuorká-Dávvirat / De Samiske Samlinger

The Head of administration at RiddoDuottarMuseat
Phone +47 406 11 821
Email post@rdm.no
Mailing address: Postboks 143 N-9735 Kárášjohka - Karasjok

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Established in 1972, as the first Sámi museum in Norway. The aim of establishing the museum was to promote Sámi culture and to reinforce the Sámi people's status as an ethnic group. It is now the largest Sámi museum in the country.

The Open Air museum
  • Sámi buildings, among them a unique agricultural smallholding, turf huts
  • A several thousand year old hunting pit construction for hunting wild reindeer
  • One of the world's largest collections of traditional Sámi clothing. In the exhibitions you can see examples of Sámi clothing traditions from different areas and time periods
  • Tools and equipment used in traditional activitys
  • Sámi handicrafts
  • Elements from the Sámi religion
  • Sámi contemporary Art
  • Sámi music, yoik, DVDs
  • Sámi duodji (handicrafts) made by Sámis
  • Photos of Aurora borrealis
  • Art posters
  • Postcards
  • Books
  • T-shirts
  • Jewlery
  • many more...

RDM - Unit of Sámi Art

(From 01.01.2016 - becomes the Unit of Art a separate division in RDM)

Phone +47 406 13 351 / 784 69 950
Email post@rdm.no
Visiting: The old Station of the Army (the formal location of Samisk Kunstnersenter) at Svenskebakken
The mailing address: Postboks 143, N-9735 Kárášjohka - Karasjok

RiddoDuottarMuseat manages the world's largest collection of Sámi contemporary art, an impressive collection that comprises over 1000 items. The Art Unit is under locating at a separate location in Karasjok.
The Art exhibitions will still be located at RDM-Sámiid Vuorká-Dávvirat - De Samiske Samlinger, Mari Boine geaidnu 17 in Karasjok.
A new building to house the Art Unit is under development.

RDM - Guovdageainnu gilišillju / Kautokeino bygdetun

Phone +47 406 13 183
Email ellen@rdm.no / JohanAslak@rdm.no
Mailing address Boaronjárga 23 N-9520 Guovdageaidnu - Kautokeino

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The museum was opened in 1987 and lies by the bank of the river in the centre of the community of Guovdageaidnu/Kautokeino.
The land here has been cultivated since the beginning of the 1700s. In a reconstructed milieu from approx. 100 years ago.

The Open Air museum
  • Sámi buildings: turf huts and constructions from reindeer herding and dwelling sites from the outlying grazing areas
  • A permanent exhibition of local Sámi culture
  • "The Church Cabin 1650" has been reconstructed indoors. It was built by the Swedish crown and stood originally on the ground what is now the museum site. It is constructed from timber, that grew locally at that time. The church cabin is now Finnmark's oldest building that is still standing
  • An exhibition of historical texts
  • Collection of ca. 10 000 pictures
  • Ca. 1536 items in the museum colletions
  • houses some archival materials from privates

RDM - Porsáŋggu musea / Porsanger museum / Porsangin museo

Phone +47 950 13 125 / 406 09 394
Email riinakaisa@rdm.no
Mailing address: c/o Riinakaisa Laitila, Brennelv, N-9700 Lakselv

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Porsanger is a tri-cultural area, and RDM - Porsáŋggu Musea presents Sámi, Kven and Norwegian cultural history. The collection is related to enterprises such as fishing and agriculture, households and daily life. The museum's exhibition is in the old schoolhouse in Skoganvarre.

  • Among other items, the war history of the Porsanger area is presented
  • The provision chest that belonged to Johan Kaaven, one of the most famous noaidi (Sámi healers) in Finnmark
The Open Air Museum
  • The Lasarettmoen nature trail is located 2 km south of Skoganvarre (direction Karasjok). Here you can see the ruins of one of the largest field hospitals buildt by the German Wehrmacht in Finnmark during the Second World War. The facility was not completed when the Germans withdrew from Finnmark in 1944. The ruins of the barracks, remnants of beds, stoves, pipes and buildings are still visible. Information signs are located at the parking space by the mainroad E6.

The museum is open during the summer season week 25 - 32. Opening at other hours are possible by prior arrangement, please call.

You may also send a request by an e-mail.

RDM - Jáhkovona mearrasámi musea / Kokelv sjøsamiske museum

Phone +47 410 20 807 / +47 473 26 862
Email elin@rdm.no
Mailing address: N-9715 Kokelv

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At the museum you can visit Nillágården, which is a genuine coastal Sámi smallholding.
The farm was built during the rebuilding period after the Second World War.
The museum has an exhibition in Nillagården.

  • experience the housing and living conditions, with smallholding and fishing as a way of life and gain an insight into coastal Sámi culture in its natural milieu
  • the rehabilitated Kokelv costume, reconstructed according to a coastal Sámi costume that was commonly used in Kokelv in the 1800s. It was rediscovered at the Norwegian Folk Museum in Oslo over 100 years later. Today the costume is once again in use in the area, however now as festivity wear
  • The barns containing various tools for various use
  • A boathouse down by the shore, with many different boat types, equipment for seafishing, outboard/inboard engines and many more things related to sea fishing

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Download the RDM-brochure


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