This online exhibition presents art purchases made by the Sami Parliament from 2016 - 2018. Committee members responsible for purchases throughout this period was Hege Annestad Nilsen (visual artist), Randi Marainen (duodji practitioner), Viggo Pedersen (deputy member), Folke Fjällström (deputy member) and Gry Fors Spein (secretary). The exhibition and its 71 artworks can be seen by scrolling down the page. The exhibition shows a diversity of techniques and expressions representative of Sami artists and duodji craftsmen. The artworks have been photographed by photographer Michael Miller and the exhibit is conveyed in collaboration with our partner Sámi Dáiddaguovddáš // Sami Center for Contemporary Art. The next exhibition of art purchases from the period of 2018 - 2020 will be shown at Sámi Dáiddaguovddáš. This exhibition will open the 13. February 2021.

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